Massive legitimate Novels

Gonovel cooperates with high-quality copyright owners at home and abroa introduce authentic novels. The novel covers a wide range of content, rich diverse themes. As a reading platform integrating word-of-mouth, profess and integration, the novel really achieves the goal.

Fluent reading experience

Extremely simplified UI, convenient operation process, farewell to tedious! The reading page can be set as you like, with seven background colors and three fonts. You can customize the reading mode according to your preference, which is more intimate!

One click join, fast and dire

When reading, you can add your favorite books to the bookshelf, and you can continue to watch the last reading content with one click. At the same time, the platform can recommend accurate books according to your prefe rences.

Genuine Novel

High quality copyright owners cooperate to introduce authentic novels.

Reading Fluency

According to your favorite custom reading way, more intimate!

Join the Bookshelf

Add your favorite books to the bookshelf, and you can click "fast direct".