Instructions for canceling an account

Instructions for canceling an account

We regret that you have made the decision to cancel your GoNovel account. In order to protect your rights, please read all the contents of this notice carefully before canceling.

1. The GoNovel account you are applying to cancel should be the account you registered in accordance with the "Service Agreement" and used by yourself. You should ensure that you have the right to decide on the cancellation of this account and do not infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of any third party. If any complaints or disputes arise as a result, you will be responsible for it and GoNovel will be exempt from liability.

2. Cancelling a GoNovel account is an irreversible operation. Before proceeding, please confirm that all services related to GoNovel have been properly handled.

3. Cancelling your GoNovel account, unless otherwise provided by laws and regulations, will be deemed as a waiver of the account and related rights, including but not limited to:

3.1After the cancellation takes effect, the account will be permanently cancelled and cannot log in to GoNovel.

3.2 After the cancellation takes effect, you will no longer be able to use this account or retrieve any information and benefits within this account, including but not limited to personal identity information and personal information, account information, historical information, browsing records, gold coin balance data, etc.

4. Before applying to cancel your GoNovel account, you should ensure that the account is in a normal state and that the account is:
(1) There have been no sensitive operations such as changing passwords or binding information within the past month, and there is no risk of account theft, lockdown, or freezing;
(2) There have been no disputes within the past three months, including but not limited to complaints or reported cases;
(3) There are no outstanding contractual relationships or other rights and obligations arising or maintained based on the existence of the account due to the cancellation of the account, and there are no disputes arising from the cancellation of the account, which GoNovel believes will result in unresolved rights and obligations;
(4) The authorized login or binding relationship with other third-party websites and apps has been terminated.

5. You promise that once your GoNovel account cancellation application is submitted, you will not request the cancellation of the account for any reason.

6. After canceling the GoNovel account, we will process the relevant personal information of the account in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, GoNovel service agreements, and privacy policies, including but not limited to deletion, anonymization, or storage for a specific period according to agreements or legal provisions.

7. During the cancellation period of your GoNovel account, if your GoNovel account is complained about by others, investigated by national authorities, or in litigation or arbitration proceedings, GoNovel has the right to terminate the cancellation process of the account on its own without obtaining your consent.
Please note that canceling a GoNovel account shall be deemed as a unilateral termination of the Service Terms and relevant platform agreements/rules by the account. Therefore, after you click "Confirm Cancellation" to submit the account cancellation application, GoNovel will terminate the service provided to the account without assuming any responsibility. And the cancellation of your GoNovel account does not mean that the account behavior and related responsibilities before the cancellation of this account are exempted or mitigated.

If you encounter any problems or difficulties during the logout process, you can click on "Feedback" on the GoNovel client to write down and submit your account logout application, which will be handled manually by customer service. In general, we will respond within 15 days from the date of verifying your identity. Please note that if you choose to submit your account cancellation application through the above method, it will be deemed that you have read and agreed to the provisions of this cancellation notice.

Application for account cancellation process
If you need to log out of your GoNovel account, please open the GoNovel client and follow the following steps:

1. Click on the 'Contact Customer Service' page on the 'Me' page

2. Click on 'Feedback'

3. Click on the 'Apply for Account Cancellation' option in the feedback type

4. Describe your issue, provide your user ID and identity verification information, click [Submit], and customer service personnel will successfully log out of the account once the verification is completed.